Martailer is a product developed by bitREC. Since 2012 bitREC develops state of the art recommendation and search engines that increase user engagement and drive revenue to our clients. 

A third of our team has PhD degrees and are active members of academic research communities in the areas of Machine Learning or Math.

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Powerful Performance

Marketing Channel for Brands

Increase your  brand‘s exposure  and drive more sales on leading retail e-commerce websites.

Tired of generic banner ads

on publisher website?

Instead, reach and influence active shoppers

who are interested in your product category on leading retailer's e-commerce websites.

Boost your product visibility and drive more sales with Sponsored Products.

Reach Engaged Shoppers

who are interested in your product category

Drive Traffic

to your product pages on retailers

e-commerce sites

Increase Sales

and grow your market share

How Sponsored Products work?

Sponsored products appear as native product ads on retailer sites when it matters the most. When products are being discovered, and buying decisions made.

Your products are ranked higher in search results, product category listings, recommendations or newsletters.

Our AI algorithm uses millions of transactional data points to show your products to the shoppers most likely to buy them. Resulting in a positive shopping experience for visitors and increased sales for you.

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Increase your brand’s exposure and drive more sales on leading retail sites.