Martailer is a product developed by bitREC. Since 2012 bitREC develops state of the art recommendation and search engines that increase user engagement and drive revenue to our clients. 

A third of our team has PhD degrees and are active members of academic research communities in the areas of Machine Learning or Math.

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Unlock Profitable Revenue Streams for Your E-commerce

Monetize 100% of your traffic by turning your site into a media channel for brands.

Trusted by e-commerce brands for creating personalized experiences for their shoppers

Add New Revenue Streams

to Your E-commerce Business

Ecommerce is tough. You are forced to compete with low prices, making your margins very narrow. Plus, as much as 97% of your visitors never buy anything.

Think beyond making money by just selling products. Monetize 100% of your traffic by becoming a media channel for your suppliers, brands and partners.

Amazon, Walmart, BestBuy and Target make billions by sponsoring products with native product ads. You can do it as well.

Add new and profitable revenue streams to your business without additional effort.

Increase Your Profits.

How Does It Work?

Once you integrate your vendor marketing with us, brands can start paying you to advertise their products on your ecommerce site.

Sponsored products appear as native product ads and rank higher on your store's product lists, on-site search results, product recommendations or newsletters.

Unlike intrusive banner ads, sponsored products are more relevant. They seamlessly integrate into site's content, resulting in a positive shopping experience.

Our AI algorithm uses millions of transactional data points to personalize and show your products to the shoppers most likely to buy them. 

With Sponsored Products You Have

  • Profitable revenue stream.

  • Easy integration.

  • Fully automated process. Self-service cloud platform. 

  • Full control of brands and partners you cooperate with.

  • Seamless integration with your site's content.

  • All your vendor marketing partnerships in one place.

  • Transparent reporting.

Add Revenue Streams
Increase Profits
Manage all vendor marketing partnerships

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Unlock profitable revenue streams for your e-commerce